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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

January Snow

McLain State Park Winter, by Eric Munch. (Photo © and courtesy Eric Munch)

By Mick McKellar, Midnight Poet
Posted Jan. 5, 2019, on out of my mind...*
Reprinted here with permission.

The breath of Winter's frozen heart released.
Shifting, sonorous, soft blanket of death,
Your grasping samite desert unappeased,
As all fall prey to creeping icy breath.
Your susurration sings of silent sleep,
And icy dreams cascading through the night.
Your shifting dunes on silent cat paws creep,
To sift and drift o'er landscapes lost from sight.
You fill the land -- a vast and soundless sea;
As muted, faint, and hushed, your rivers flow --
And dammed, your frost spray stings, when passing me
On winter winds that always seem to blow.
Your coverlet of frigid, frozen fleece,
Gives all about an icy sense of peace.

Mick McKellar
January 2019

I said to myself: "Say something nice about snow!" Imagine my surprise when I received a reply...

* Midnight Poet Mick McKellar lives in Laurium. Read more of his poems on his poetry Web site, out of my mind...
Learn more about Mick McKellar here.