Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Calumet Heritage Celebration: Photos

Photos © 2007 Gustavo Bourdieu for Keweenaw Now

CALUMET -- Keweenaw Now's photographer, Gustavo Bourdieu, wandered around Main Street Calumet's Heritage Celebration in Agassiz Park last Saturday, Aug. 18, and took these photos for readers of our new blog.

Krista Cone, center, Miss Coppertown 2007, reigned over the Calumet Heritage Celebration last weekend. Pictured with her are other candidates Kelsey Johnson, right, and Kelsey Eddleman. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Helen Stimac, right, of Dodgeville, president of the Croatian Fraternal Union, and Julia Simila of Calumet, active member of the Union, worked all day Saturday, Aug. 18, selling povitica, a delicious Croatian specialty and evidence of local Croatian pride. Here they pause for a photo with the Croatian flag. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Kaisa Ryding spent much of the afternoon painting faces for customers like this patient young man. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Wild Fowl Wood Carver Stuart M. Baird of Calumet exhibited these hand-carved treasures in one of the artist booths. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Baird's carving of a Broad-Winged Hawk is made of one piece of bass wood. In the written description of the carving, Baird writes that the sculpture took "approximately 600 hours of carving time" and another 100 hours for the painting. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Fiddlehead offered Celtic tunes for the Irish portion of this year's Heritage theme, "French and Irish." Pictured here, from left, are musicians Oren Tikkanen, Libby Meyer, Matt Durocher (?), Floyd Henderson (seated) and Joel Tepsa. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Maple Sugar Folk alternated with Fiddlehead to present the French part of the Heritage 2007 theme. Here Dave Bezotte at the keyboard leads the group in singing French Canadian songs. Also pictured here are, from left, Barry Pegg, Marcia Goodrich, Janet Wieber, Amanda Binoniemi (hidden in back), Barbara Lide (seated), Karin Schlenker and Deb McDowell (on mandolin). (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Evan Dixon, third from left, leads the Maple Sugar Folk in singing one of their favorite sing-along tunes, "Sur la Route de Berthier." Also pictured are, from left, Kelly Suvanto on fiddle, Oren Tikkanen on banjo, singers Barry Pegg, Amanda Binoniemi (hidden in back), Marcia Goodrich, Janet Wieber (also hidden, on spoons), Karin Schlenker, Barbara Lide (seated), Deb McDowell on mandolin and Dave Bezotte on keyboard. (Photo by Michele Anderson)

The Heritage horseshoe competition was well attended. Here the photo captures the horseshoe (circled in yellow) in mid-air. Click on any photo for a larger version. (Photo by Gustavo Bourdieu)

Readers, feel free to post your comments on the Heritage Celebration. We welcome your additions of photo IDs for those we missed. Watch for more photos, coming soon.

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R. said...

I was told to look at the site by my Mother - Helen Stimac who is in one of the pix. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Congratulations on the festival