Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Carnival 2008: more photos ...

HOUGHTON -- Keweenaw Now captured these photos of Winter Carnival's "Frightful Creatures with Chilling Features" on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 7 and 8. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Phi Kappa Tau's "Van Helsing Calms the Hysteria in Transylvania," located in Hancock, took first prize in the fraternity division of the snow statue competition. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

The finely crafted details of Phi Kappa Tau's scene from tales of Dracula included several icy bats like this one. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

Another fine detail in ice was this candelabra in the center of the scene. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)*

Frankenstein works at his lab table as his monster creation awakens in the background of this winning scene by Alpha Gamma Delta, "Frankenstein's Creature From Long Ago Comes Alive Again in Snow," which took first place in the women's group division. It is in front of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center on the MTU campus. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

Next to the Walker building a slippery broomball game draws spectators. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

"Under the Sea, Out of the Snow, Evil Ursula Reigns in the Ocean Below," created by students of West Wadsworth Residence Hall, took a fourth place in that category. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

Delta Sigma Phi took second place in the fraternity division for their grand-scale "Nightmares Consume a Child's Room." (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

Especially notable among the details of the "Nightmares" sculpture are the chains of ice, pictured here in the foreground and also on the creature with icy horns. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

A rocking horse of ice in the "Nightmares" sculpture steals the show. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

The Mu Beta Psi music fraternity won first place in the on-campus one-nighter competition with this snowy musical group in front of the library. (Photo © 2008 Michele Bourdieu)

The Keweenaw's mysterious Paulding Light inspired this creation by Fair Warning / Incognito (men's residences in East Wadsworth Hall). It took 6th place among the university residence one-nighters. (Photo © 2008 Michele Bourdieu)

The Bastille (men's residence in East McNair Hall) took second place in the university one-nighter competition with their scene of Old English lore, "Beowulf's slice slays a Sea Beast of ice." (Photo © 2008 Michele Bourdieu)

Carnival visitors enjoy a dog sled ride on campus Friday afternoon. (Photo © 2008 Gustavo Bourdieu)

* Editor's Note:
See more photos of Phi Kappa Tau's winning snow scene in Hancock in our Feb. 8 article.


Roving Reporter - Doug P said...

I enjoy all of your articles, but in particular, I enjoy the photo's which make each article come alive. Having lived in the U.P. (Houghton) I always enjoyed the ice scupltures.

thanks for bring them alive.

Keweenaw Now said...

Thanks, Doug, for reading our articles. The photo stories take longer, but we hope to post more soon. Glad you like them!