Saturday, November 01, 2008

Letter from Mary Hunt: Volunteers still needed for Democratic Get Out the Vote

By Mary Hunt, Houghton County Democrats Calumet office coordinator

CALUMET -- Election Day is next Tuesday. Then we can relax!

Yes, Barack Obama is ahead in the polls, thanks to excitement about him and to an economy in turmoil. But the Obama campaign and Houghton County Democrats are still working hard. We are NOT TAKING ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!!!


*supports our outstanding ticket, from Senator Carl Levin, Congressman Bart Stupak and our own State Rep. Mike Lahti from the Copper Country to Houghton County Drain Commissioner John Pekkala.

* builds a stronger future for forward-looking, practical Democratic candidates in the U.P.

PLEASE consider signing up to help in our final Get Out the Vote push!! Meet a wonderful variety of involved neighbors and local Dems! Participate in this historic, pivotal election to rebuild the middle class (health care, education, jobs) that made America great!

It’s fun and there’s free food. ONLY strong Democratic households will be contacted…. This will be fun and easy. No persuasion. No questions about preference. This work has already been done.

CALL (517) 331-6122 OR (906) 483-2026 until 9 p.m., Sunday or Monday to sign up for a 4-hour phone or neighborhood shift.

WHERE? At the Houghton Obama office, 509 Shelden Ave. next to Book World, across from The Lode, Sunday and Monday. (Election Day, Tuesday, is pretty much booked up.)

Sorry, it’s not possible to work from Calumet. Possibly I, Mary Hunt, might help arrange rides from Calumet/Ahmeek, BUT recovery from recent knee surgery limits my involvement.

Get Out the Vote volunteers are still needed Sunday and Monday! Most work is going out and leaving literature at specified Democratic households.

THANKS for stopping by our Calumet "outpost" at 305 Sixth St. and helping out in your own ways.

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