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Eagle Harbor Art Fair Aug. 8-9 to feature folk artist Jerry Hammes

Artist Jerry Hammes of Calumet, pictured here with some of his folk art, will be the featured artist at the 49th Annual Eagle Harbor Art Fair Aug. 8-9. Click on photo for larger versions and note the historic Italian Hall and the Quincy Mine. (Photos courtesy Copper Country Associated Artists)

EAGLE HARBOR -- The weekend of August 8 and 9 art lovers and the curious will be flocking to Eagle Harbor for the 49th annual Copper Country Associated Artists' Eagle Harbor Fine Art Fair and Exhibition. Come rain or come shine, the hours of the exhibit are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8, and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9.

The churchyard of St. Peter’s by the Sea will be filled with the creations of 53 artists and craftsmen. The broad spectrum of media and styles include hand-thrown pottery, watercolors, oils, hand-woven baskets, fabric, stained glass, hammered metal, wood working, jewelry, decorative arts and photography.

In the basement of the church will be recent work by the members of the Copper Country Associated Artists (CCAA) including the wonderful historic folk art paintings of this year’s featured artist Jerry Hammes of Calumet.

Click on this photo for a larger version of this Copper Country mining scene by artist Jerry Hammes.

Jerry literally lives with his art. If you were to walk into Jerry Hammes’ home in Calumet, you would most likely find him diligently baking, cooking or painting. He is extremely talented in all of these areas. The back porch of his home contains much of his art work, including a large painting of the 100 block of Fifth Street, Calumet, and some "saw paintings." A few of these will be shown at the CCAA Fair exhibit in the church under trove.

Jerry’s historical paintings have become well known in this area. He not only keeps the CCAA gallery supplied with his prints, but he has been commissioned to do paintings of buildings that have special meanings for people who live locally as well as out of the area.

Anyone interested in Copper Country history will enjoy Jerry Hammes' paintings of nostalgic street scenes such as this one.

Before Jerry became a member of the Copper Country Artists Association, he had been employed at various food markets including the A and P Store, which was located in the building which now houses the Copper Country Associated Artists. In 1991, he retired from Louie’s Super Value in Lake Linden. Since then he has been concentrating on painting.

One of his paintings is of an old fashioned kitchen including the "old" wood stove and another one featuring a wringer washer. He has paintings of various buildings which were located in Calumet -- including the old Woolworth store (five and ten cent store), which was on Fifth Street; Anegone’s confectionary store, which was on the corner of Scott and Sixth; the Italian Hall, formerly on Seventh Street; the train depot on Oak Street in Calumet; Electric Park, located between Calumet and Hancock; mine shafts; many local churches and other notable buildings.

These paintings by Jerry Hammes depict the Albion Street Car Station (above) and the historic Quincy Mine with its train. Click on photo for larger versions.

The quality and diversity of the creative work of Eagle Harbor Art Fair exhibiting artists is well known and annually attracts hundreds of collectors and buyers. Each work exhibited is an original and presented by the individual artist who produced it.

This year food will be served by the Keweenaw Lions Club following the bake sale which will be held in the Fire Hall starting at 9 a.m.

The Copper Country Associated Artists maintain an art center on Fifth Street in Calumet, offering workshops and a gallery of members’ works.

For more information, contact the CCAA show coordinator, Linda Dodge, at 337-3969 or; visit the CCAA web site, or phone 337-1252.

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