Friday, March 12, 2010

Hancock to hold Public Hearing on proposed land purchase Mar. 17

HANCOCK -- The City of Hancock will hold a Public Hearing at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at City Hall Council Chambers, 399 Quincy St., Hancock, to consider public comments on the proposed City of Hancock purchase of the following real property: A 29.64 acre parcel of property currently owned by Tonne Construction Company for a purchase price of $135,000.

This view from the snowmobile trail at the corner of Lynn and Prospect streets shows part of the proposed City of Hancock property purchase to the right. The snowmobile trail borders on the west of the property, while Sylvan Estates is to the east. (Keweenaw Now photos)

The property is located West of the Plat of Sylvan Estates, North of Prospect Street, and East of the DNR (now DNRE, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment) Snowmobile Trail. The property is zoned R-1 Single Family District.

A copy of the map and exact legal description of this parcel is on file at City Hall.*

City Manager Glenn Anderson said the property would be developed as a residential neighborhood similar to the adjacent Sylvan Estates.

"We'd estimate about one-half-acre lots," Anderson explained. "I think this would end up being a high-end development."

Anderson added the present R-1 Single Family District zoning would be retained since, given the character of the neighborhood, it wouldn't make sense to change it.

A realtor sign marks the southernmost part of the property the City of Hancock is considering for purchase. Modeled on Sylvan Estates, which was also developed by the City, the lots would have trees and green space.

"It would bring residents and economic activity, including taxes," he noted. "The hope would be that the City could control the development vs. a private developer."

The Public Hearing will precede the regular monthly meeting of the Hancock City Council.

*Editor's Notes: A satellite view can be accessed through Google. Click here.
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CU said...

Hancock looks like a war zone. Why are they trying to add housing rather than repair the current infrastructure?

Keweenaw Now said...

Thanks for your comment, CU. If you are in Hancock next Wednesday, you can come to the Hearing and express your views. We welcome more comments on any of our articles!

Bonnie said...

Spend money on procuring the Maasto trail system and upgrade it to skate skiing (and hide that gravel pit- ugh!). This will bring more tourist restaurant hotel dollars and retiree property buyers. Property appreciation as an investment? Remember the bubble? Aren't there a bunch of empty condos by the bridge? Bring the tourists, the property development will come. But to bring the tourists, you have to provide the trails. This is the future of the Keweenaw. Yes its difficult to see change. But those hotel rooms are for skiers not just snowmobilers. This weekend was athletic in the Keweenaw. (skiing, dogsleds, hockey, basketball). Boomers are retiring and looking for athletic places to retire to. Yes that might include the empty condos. But tourist traffic comes first and that ski trail is a huge underdeveloped tourist opportunity.