Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kennecott plans to fence-off Eagle Rock

Tending the sacred fire at Eagle Rock. (Photo © Teresa Bertossi. Courtesy Headwaters News.)

EAGLE ROCK -- Stand for the Land -- a Web site dedicated to news about the Native Americans now occupying Eagle Rock, a sacred site of the Ojibwa people, in protest against Rio Tinto-Kennecott's proposed sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains -- commented today on Kennecott's plans to put a fence around Eagle Rock and public land and to require people to ask permission from Kennecott to enter and only enter when escorted by Kennecott security.

The article also quotes extensively from Deb Muchmore, Kennecott spokeswoman, who told the Marquette Mining Journal that Kennecott "plans to be in the area for a long time and wants a positive relationship with the community."

Stand for the Land calls Kennecott's bulldozing and plans to put up this fence illegal, since these actions are in preparation for construction lacking proper permits.

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