Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eagle Mine opponents to rally in Lansing, visit Governor, Natural Resources Commission

MARQUETTE -- A contingency of Upper Peninsula residents, Native and non-Native, will travel to Lansing and assemble on Thursday, June 3, in order to hand deliver an Environmental Justice petition to Governor Jennifer Granholm and to talk to the Natural Resources Commission about Rio Tinto-Kennecott's Eagle Mine Project.

"Ore body 150 feet down" is the title of this photo of the Salmon Trout River, which flows above the site of Rio Tinto-Kennecott Minerals' proposed sulfide mine near Marquette. The River contains a rare population of Coaster Brook Trout. (File Photo © 2007 Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and courtesy Reprinted with permission.)

The group intends to address the Commission concerning the following:
  • The use of state public lands for private gain
  • Eagle Rock -- a sacred site of the Anishinaabe
  • Treaty Rights
  • Rights of communities that have been violated through the lack of engagment from permitting agencies in the permitting of the Eagle Mine on the Yellow Dog Plains in Marquette County.
This photo, taken earlier this month, shows land already being cleared for the Eagle Mine Project despite concerns about the legality of Kennecott's State lease and permits. (Photo © 2010 riverwalker and courtesy Stand for the Land)

All concerned citizens are welcome and needed to join in this effort. The event will include music, speakers, banners, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring signs and the color BLUE for a peaceful rally.

Here is the schedule for Thursday, June 3:

11 a.m. Meet on Capitol Lawn

11:30 a.m. Reading of the Environmental Justice Petition

Reading a Tribal Rights Statement

"Eagle Rock" -- sung by Drew Nelson*

Other Voices Joining In

1 p.m. Deliver the petitions and Tribal Rights Statement to the Governor's office

3 p.m. Walk to Natural Resources Commission Meeting -- 333 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing Center.

Please spread the word to supporters of clean water in the U.P. and Downstate. Please come to honor those who are fighting for our water, our land and our rights to free expression.

For more details visit or

* Click here to listen to "Eagle Rock" by Drew Nelson.

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