Monday, June 14, 2010

Eagle Rock community garden survives

Eagle Rock is now gated by Kennecott Eagle Minerals Co. (Photos courtesy Stand for the Land)

From Stand for the Land, by Rich and Catherine

EAGLE ROCK -- A friend and I traveled to Eagle Rock Sunday. I felt disheartened, approaching the road we would normally take to enter the encampment.

Turning onto the access off the Triple A, we saw a pile of wood dumped in the center of the road. "Hey, it’s our firewood!" I said. Stopping and exiting the car, we noticed two security guards in their vehicle on the opposite side of the fence. I greeted them politely. I have no quarrel with them.

Kennecott left this wood from Eagle Rock campers' woodpile in the middle of the access road that is now gated. Two Native Americans were arrested for "trespassing" on May 27 and others ordered to leave.

Passing the wood pile, a few of the pieces looked familiar. Wood that was cut for the cook stove, large chunks of ash and spruce and the poles that were cut for the Long House lay in a messy heap. This pile was the remains of the wood donated by supporters of the cause.

I approached the fence and saw a flower in full bloom at the base. Looking from side to side I noticed several others. A slight smile formed. Petunias ...

Replanted community garden, now outside Kennecott's fence.

Even with all the heavy equipment and man power moving back and forth erecting the final portion of fence, the garden survives just like the movement. With a little tender loving care, it will flourish and we will reap a harvest come autumn ...

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