Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HANCOCK---State Senate Candidate Mike Lahti announced on Tuesday, June 29, that the Michigan AFL-CIO has endorsed him for the 38th State Senate seat. The Michigan State AFL-CIO represents over 600,000 members of 59 different worker groups across Michigan.

"My mother was a school teacher and my father was a mechanic and heavy equipment sales person, so I understand how hard middle class families work to make ends meet and provide a good life for their children," said Lahti. "I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Michigan AFL-CIO, and I will continue to work hard to protect our workers and jobs while also fighting to create new jobs and help growing industries expand in the Upper Peninsula."

The AFL-CIO was formed in 1955 and now represents over 11 million members across the country. The organization works to improve the lives of working families and bring economic and social justice to our communities. Through the Michigan AFL-CIO, workers have a voice in their workplace, in their government and in the larger global economy.

"Mike Lahti has a strong record of service to Michigan citizens in the Upper Peninsula and is our choice to be the next State Senator for the 38th District," said Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney. "All unions agree, Mike understands what it means to work hard, and he is the best person to continue the fight for working families. He knows how to make sure they have good jobs, fair wages, affordable health care, and a secure retirement."

Mike Lahti is a lifelong resident of Hancock and currently serves in the Michigan House of Representatives representing the 110th House District, which covers the Western Upper Peninsula. As a leader, a business owner and a jobs-provider, he works daily on issues that affect workers and their families. Mike Lahti has been a small business owner and job creator for more than 40 years and continues to invest in our community. Mike has rehabilitated properties and opened businesses in Hancock, and he still owns and operates the State Farm Insurance Agency that he first started in 1968.

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