Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From Headwaters News: Diverse crowd attends Marquette biomass discussion

By Gabriel Caplett

MARQUETTE -- About thirty people packed a small room at the Peter White Library, in Marquette [on July 8] to listen to filmmaker/composer Jeff Gibbs discuss economic, health and environmental problems associated with "biomass" energy plans.

Gibbs, who used to live in the Upper Peninsula, said he first became involved in biomass issues when he realized "it doesn’t look like the forests I remember when I was a kid. . . nowhere in Michigan have our forests returned" to what they once were.

Gibbs explained to the question-eager audience that while biomass burning produces less mercury and sulfur dioxide than coal, it actually pumps more particulants (harmful to the respiratory system) and nitrogen oxide (a major greenhouse gas) into the air than any other major fuel ... Read the rest of this July 9, 2010, article on Headwaters News.

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