Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stand for the Land: Statements from Cynthia Pryor's sentencing

From Stand for the Land, posted Monday, July 26:

MARQUETTE -- Today (Monday, July 26, 2010) in Marquette County Court, Big Bay citizen, Cynthia Pryor was granted a six-month delay of sentence for the trespassing charge she received on June 15th, after her defense was thrown out. ... Read the rest of this Stand for the Land article quoting Pryor's attorney, Pryor and Judge Kangas.

Cynthia Pryor's message about her sentencing was also posted on Stand for the Land on Monday, July 26, 2010. In her message, she includes her statement at the sentencing.

Pryor says, "My action that day on the Yellow Dog Plains was a direct action against one of the largest mining companies in the world -- who took the law in their own hands. I was just one person who refused to leave a land that was mine by right of birth, citizenship and by law.

"While this is just a little misdemeanor of trespass -- I believed then, and I believe now, that Kennecott acted without authority to remove me from state and public land. They did not have the authority nor the right to use our legal and law enforcement system against me or the people of this community and this land. But they were allowed to. They knew then and we know now, that the state surface lease had not yet been implemented at the time of my arrest. The EPA had not yet made their "final decision" regarding the need for a federal permit. The state surface lease was clear ..." Read the rest of Pryor's message on Stand for the Land.

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