Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stupak reiterates concerns with Rio Tinto sulfide mine

By Gabriel Caplett of Headwaters News

MARQUETTE -- A few weeks after writing an 0p-ed comparing BP’s lack of concern for worker safety and the environment to Rio Tinto, Stupak has reiterated his concerns about Michigan’s mining law and lack of financial assurance requirements in a letter to the editor of the Iron Mountain Daily News, in which he states the following:*

"  . . . my position on the Kennecott mine in Marquette County has remained consistent since it was first proposed. When the Michigan legislature first considered the new mining law that made sulfide mining possible, I expressed significant concern that baseline standards were not called for in the law. In early 2006, when the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality first allowed for public comment I raised these concerns. Unfortunately, four years later these concerns still remain unaddressed. ... Read more on Headwaters News.

* Click here to read Stupak's letter to the editor of the Iron Mountain Daily News, published on July 15, 2010.

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