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Updated: First Friday in Calumet to offer art, music, fun Aug. 6

By Michele Bourdieu

Painting and Sculpture Composite Image, McCafferty-Rudd Artworks. (Photo courtesy Margo McCafferty and Tom Rudd)

CALUMET -- First Friday in Calumet, Aug. 6, will include art exhibits and activities in three galleries.

Vertin Gallery to host McCafferty-Rudd Artworks

Artists Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty will exhibit their Artworks collection of painting and sculpture from Aug. 6 to Sept. 1, 2010, at the Vertin Gallery in Calumet. Tom Rudd, sculptor, and Margo McCafferty, painter, create work informed by their wooded surroundings with frequent reference to the omnipresent environmental crisis, especially as it relates to the quality of water. Besides their individual works, the two artists have found collaboration rewarding.*

An opening reception will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 6, in the Gallery at 220 Sixth St., Calumet. Refreshments will be served.

Ed Gray Gallery: A. Kenneth Koskela

Beginning on First Friday, Aug. 6, the work of A. Kenneth Koskela will be featured at Ed Gray Gallery in Calumet. Koskela, a Laurium native and World War II veteran, creates colorful images touched with whimsy. Many of his pieces are reminiscent of his childhood in the Copper Country.

Koskela’s passion for painting began at age twelve. His early work reflected the architecture and nature which surrounded him. Soon after, Bosch and Brueghel affected his imagination and inspired his fantasy.

Koskela finds that lines in ink coupled with transparent watercolor best capture detail and spontaneous creation.

"As I paint, my mind travels freely through time/space and to the depths of my own inner space and I see the universe, the earth, millions of people, nature, annals of history and even the sovereign world of cats," he says.

He currently works from his home in North Carolina .

Copper Country Associated Artists to offer Art of Mehendi (Henna)

Kanak Nanavati of the Copper Country Associated Artists (CCAA), and friends, will demonstrate the Art of Mehendi (Henna), its history and application from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 6, in the CCAA Gallery in Calumet. The demonstration is free and open to the public.

Visitors can learn to apply a design to hand, arm, etc. Mehendi is a body art especially done on palms, hands and feet of a woman on special occasions in India. The Art of Mehendi has existed for centuries, but it was very prevalent during the 20th century. This ancient art is also well known in Middle Eastern countries, Egypt and North Africa.

Mehendi, when worn for celebration of special occasions like weddings, is usually a very intricate design done for a bride-to-be as a special person and for other relatives and friends with more simple designs.

The CCAA Gallery is located at 112 Fifth Street in Calumet.

"Backroom Boys" to play jazz, swing, more at Conglomerate Café

Beginning at 8 p.m. on First Friday, Aug. 6, the "Backroom Boys" will return to the Conglomerate Café to play some of your favorite tunes. Bob Norden on trombone, John "Lefty" Munson on tenor sax and piano and Oren "Curly" Tikkanen on guitar and six-string banjo will play music that ranges from New Orleans to Helsinki and all points in between. Bring your dancing shoes!

The "Backroom Boys" play jazz, swing and other danceable tunes at the Conglomerate Café in Calumet on July 2, 2010. Musicians are, from left, John Munson, Bob Norden and Oren Tikkanen. They will return to the Café this First Friday, July 6, for an evening of music, dance and fun beginning at 8 p.m. (Photo by Keweenaw Now)

"Madame Babette, the warm-hearted but tough-minded Café proprietor, has promised to have an ambulance on-call in case any of these fierce but music-loving old men fall victim to the Spirit of Swing -- and she will have a full array of home-baked pastries, fine coffee and licensed beverages on hand for your refreshment," says 'Curly' Tikkanen.

The Conglomerate Café is at 104 Fifth St., Calumet.

Update: Photos by Eric Munch at 5th and Elm Café

Photographs of Calumet taken from 1973 to 1984 by photographer Eric Munch will be displayed at 5th and Elm in Calumet for the month of August 2010. They are part of the long-term documentary of the town Munch has been doing since the early 1970s.

The earliest image, never before displayed, was taken by Munch at age 16. It shows a freight train leaving the Ninth Street depot at sunset, with familiar church steeples on the horizon. The most recent photo is of the demolition of the Italian Hall in October 1984.

Munch's family can be traced back to Calumet to his third great-grandfather Joseph Munch, who arrived in 1868; although born in Ann Arbor, Eric has lived in Calumet for 30 years. Its people, architecture and landscape have fascinated him since his first visits as a child. He started his photography business, Photography by Eric Munch, in 1983, and specializes in Weddings and Special Events, High School Graduation Portraits, commercial photography and images of artists' work for their portfolios.

The 5th and Elm Café in Calumet is open seven days a week. For further information please call 337-5084.

*Editor's Note: See our June 2, 2010, story, "Artists McCafferty, Rudd create, teach, join Keweenaw community" to learn about Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty and their many talents.

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