Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Lahti Calls on Casperson to Support Hire Michigan First to create more jobs for U.P. workers

HANCOCK -- State Senate candidate Mike Lahti has called on his opponent, Tom Casperson, to put U.P. workers first by supporting Hire Michigan First, a plan that has been held up in the state Senate for more than a year. Joined by Mark Massicotte, co-owner of L’Anse Manufacturing, Lahti also unveiled his H.I.R.E. Plan to create jobs in Michigan.

"As a small businessman and investor I know the challenges that our communities face in this economy, and I know firsthand how important it is when we can bring new businesses into a town and create new jobs," said Lahti. "State government needs to do more to help investors and entrepreneurs bring their businesses, factories and shops to Michigan so that we can get our friends and family members back to work. It’s time for the state Senate to put families and workers ahead of politics and pass the Hire Michigan First legislation, and I challenge my opponent to support this common-sense plan as well."

The H.I.R.E. Plan stands for the following:
  • Hire Michigan First: Make sure state tax incentives go to companies that are creating Michigan jobs, and eliminate state contracts and end tax breaks for businesses that outsource jobs or hire illegal workers.
  • Incentives: Provide incentives to help companies like L’Anse Manufacturing and CertainTeed Ceilings expand and retain jobs in Michigan and attract new businesses to locate here.
  • Renewable Energy: Invest in and promote renewable energy such as wind, solar and biofuel that builds on our manufacturing experience and forestry industry to create jobs now for Michigan workers.
  • Employment: Reduce bureaucratic red tape to make the state more competitive and make it easier for small businesses to get credit to create more jobs.
"L’Anse Manufacturing has been operating successfully for more than 30 years, but if we are to keep providing good jobs here in the Upper Peninsula we need the state to work harder and do more to help small businesses like ours," said Mark Massicotte, co-owner of L’Anse Manufacturing. "We need a better business climate that includes tax breaks and incentives to keep jobs here in our communities for Michigan workers, and to attract new businesses in growing industries. Mike Lahti helped bring new businesses and jobs to Hancock, and he worked closely with our company to help us succeed. He’s the right person to fight to get the state on track and working better with small businesses like ours."

As a state Representative, Mike Lahti voted for Hire Michigan First, a program to give businesses incentives to hire Michigan workers and to end state contracts and tax credits for businesses that outsource jobs or hire illegal workers. He has also voted to support the Small Business Incentive Credit to encourage private investment in small businesses so they can expand and create more jobs. Lahti supports providing tax incentives to industries or businesses to retain jobs and encourage development, including the $3.1 million state tax credit that was awarded to CertainTeed Ceilings Corp. in L'Anse last year to expand its existing facilities, and efforts to support L’Anse Manufacturing. Lahti also voted to require background checks on all companies that receive state tax incentives.

"If the voters elect me to the State Senate, I am ready to hit the ground running with a plan in place to create jobs and help small businesses grow," said Lahti. "I’ll fight to keep workers and job creation at the top of the Senate’s priorities so that common-sense jobs legislation does not get bogged down in political partisanship again."

Mike Lahti is a small business owner and job creator in the U.P. As an insurance agent and real estate developer, he has worked in his community on projects that have built and restored buildings, revitalized downtown and created new businesses. Lahti is a lifelong resident of Hancock and currently serves in the Michigan House of Representatives.

For more information, visit www.LahtiForSenate.com.

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