Tuesday, October 26, 2010

President Bill Clinton boosts Bernero heading into home stretch

At an Oct. 24 Rally in Detroit, President Bill Clinton stands with Virg Bernero, gubernatorial candidate and mayor of Lansing. Clinton touted Bernero's record of balanced budgets and job creation to the crowd. (Photo courtesy votevirg.com. Reprinted with permission.)

From votevirg.com:

DETROIT -- President Bill Clinton stood with gubernatorial candidate and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero to urge Michigan voters to elect a governor with a proven record and a real plan to turn Michigan’s economy around.

Standing before a crowd at Detroit’s Renaissance High School on Sunday, Oct. 24, President Clinton encouraged Democrats, independents and Republicans who care about Michigan’s future to bring their friends and family members out to vote for Bernero. Clinton cited Virg’s record of balancing the budget every year without a tax increase, putting Lansing in the top ten cities in the country in job growth and his unwavering fight for everyday people as reasons he strongly supports Mayor Bernero.

President Clinton warned that special interests and out-of-state Republican groups are pouring millions into the Michigan governor’s race because on most issues Bernero's Republican opponent, Rick Snyder, is in lock-step with his party, intent on restoring an extreme ideology that put Michigan in the situation it's in today.

President Clinton is in demand from candidates across the country but chose to campaign for Bernero because of his strong advocacy for regular people and because he believes Mayor Bernero is closing the gap in the polls just as he did in the primary and will secure an exciting come-from-behind-win as he did before. President Clinton’s support provides Bernero with a tremendous burst of momentum heading into the campaign’s homestretch.

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