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Keweenaw Krayons offers art classes for Nov., Dec.

MOHAWK -- Keweenaw Krayons art offerings continue through November and into December. All classes/workshops/open art studio time will be held at Keweenaw Krayons Art Center, located in the Horizons Alternative High School Building, corner of 2nd St. and Stanton Ave., Mohawk. Park in back and come in the far south entrance.

A mosaic map of the Upper Peninsula, made with a variety of materials, is displayed at Keweenaw Krayons during the October Art Night Out, introducing the public to potential art classes at Keweenaw Krayons' Art Center in the Horizons Alternative High School in Mohawk. (Photos by Keweenaw Now)

To register for any of the classes or to find out more information call 337-4706 or email staff@keweenawkrayons.com.

All ages are welcome at all events, but youth younger than eight are asked to bring an older teen or adult along. Some exceptions can be made depending on the artist and class offered.

Here are the classes being offered now:

Natural Jewelry with Katelyn Kronshage: 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in November. $5 per session. Price includes supplies to make a simple piece. Additional supplies will be available for purchase and/or participants are invited to bring their own special items (beads, feathers, stones, driftwood, trinkets, etc) to incorporate into their creation.

Katelyn Kronshage of Calumet displays some of her jewelry made of natural materials during Keweenaw Krayons' Art Night Out in October. Kronshage, a recent graduate of Western Michigan University, is an Ameri-Corps teaching assistant at Calumet High School.

Open Studio with Sue Fouts: 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or later if enough people want to keep creating). Tuesdays in November. Free but donations always welcome! Come create a piece of art using our vast supply of donated materials. Sue might have a special project going with cost ranging from $3 to $10.

Sue Fouts, left, of Mohawk, and Rachel Tober of Copper City welcome visitors to the October Art Night Out at Keweenaw Krayons. Sue teaches paper making art (samples of her cards are on the table) and other crafts, and Rachel specializes in mosaic ...

Rachel Tober displays some of her mosaic art.

Working on an art or craft project at home? Bring it to Open Studio and create while socializing with others.

Artist Diana Langdon and her son, Luke Malnar, of Copper City work together on découpage during Keweenaw Krayons' Art Night Out. Keweenaw Krayons classes are open to both adults and youth.

Digital Photography Class for Beginners with Sarah Grieger: 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursdays in November through December 30. $7 per session. Bring your own Digital Camera and learn your way around it!

Sarah Grieger of Mohawk invites visitors to sign up for her digital photography class during the Art Night Out at Keweenaw Krayons. Sarah also teaches a class in Zines when there is a demand for it.

Beginners Photography will start with the basics of photography and build up to how to use the more complex features offered on most digital cameras (don't worry if you think your camera might not have these features -- we will work around it!) The class will cover framing, portraits, lighting, exposure, and simply improving your day to day snapshots.

An invitation to artists from Carol Rose, Keweenaw Krayons interim director:

Carol Rose, Keweenaw Krayons interim director, posing here for fun as you-know-who, is trying to retire. Meanwhile she offers a special gift to artists during the holidays ...

Attention Artists and Crafters!

Looking for a place to create, display and market your work over the holidays? How does a no-rent, no-utilities, no-commission offer sound?

Too good to be true? Not!

The Ramblin' Rose Art Center in Mohawk offers you free space from now through Dec. 31. Team up with others to provide staff. Set up your own displays.

CALL or email NOW! Call 906-369-4314 or email carolrose.u.p@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

The Ramblin' Rose Art Center is also available to purchase (will consider land contract), rent to own, or "just rent." See ad in right-hand column on this page.

More photos of artists at Keweenaw Krayons' Art Night Out:

Carol Rose, Keweenaw Krayons interim director, with artist Clyde Mikkola in his studio at Keweenaw Krayons, located in the Horizons Alternative High School in Mohawk. The two artists have worked together for a long time, even before Rose founded Keweenaw Krayons. He was one of the Ramblin' Rose Art Center's first artists.

Lyanne Stemler of Lake Linden, daughter of the late artist Renée Stemler, demonstrates how to make bracelets out of shelf paper in the Renée Stemler Memorial Art Room at Keweenaw Krayons. Learning from Lyanne is her art teacher ...

... Danielle Alfafara of Hancock, who teaches art at Lake Linden schools (K-12). "This is the first time I've ever been here," Danielle said. "It's a lot of fun."

Becky Weeks, right, of Lake Medora, demonstrates the art of making Temari, Japanese hand balls, to Cathy Isaacson of Mohawk.

Rachel Niemela of Kearsarge teaches knitting and creative writing at Keweenaw Krayons.

Keweenaw Krayons is a family affair for artist Christy Toepper, right, and her three daughters, from left, Emily, Sandra and Claire. Christy has taught paper making projects like those displayed on the table.

Fiber artist Betsi Arend, left, of Eagle River (a graduate of Finlandia's International School of Art and Design) enjoys volunteering at Keweenaw Krayons. Here she welcomes visiting artists Bob Dawson and Sharon Abramson of Calumet's Copper Country Associated Artists.

Young Mohawk residents, from left, Nikki McClelland, Greta Westerinen and Cierra Herstrom enjoy participating in Keweenaw Krayons activities.

Darlene Basto, who has worked several years helping Keweenaw Krayons obtain grants for their programs, poses with fellow fundraiser Pablo Pig Casso.

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