Monday, March 28, 2011

Houghton Dems to rally in solidarity with labor against Gov. Snyder Apr. 2

HOUGHTON -- The Houghton County Democratic Party (HCDP) and labor unions of the Upper Peninsula will rally together at the Bridge for Unity Walk in downtown Houghton on Saturday, April 2, beginning at 12 noon. Common citizens will unite to protest Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to starve rural communities, close schools, cancel labor contracts, and sell Michigan’s government to the highest corporate bidder.

Concerned citizens who wish to join the Bridge for Unity Walk are asked to meet at noon at the boat launch at the foot of the Portage Lift Bridge, across from the Powerhouse in Houghton. The event is expected to last until 2:30 p.m. After the march, participants are invited to meet at the Keweenaw Brewing Company for more rallying, camaraderie and warmth.

Demonstrators will march in support of seniors, working families, union members, students, and everyone whose quality of life is threatened by Gov. Rick Snyder’s irresponsible policies. Specifically, Democrats object to provisions of Gov. Snyder’s proposed budget that would eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for Michigan’s working poor, tax seniors’ pensions and eliminate tax breaks on charitable donations to public universities, while extending $1.8 billion in tax breaks to corporations.

According to Michigan Department of the Treasury data, taxpayers in Baraga, Ontonagon, Keweenaw and Houghton counties saved a combined $1,716,366 with the EITC in the 2009 tax year; an estimated 3,975 filers qualified for the credit.

"Snyder’s budget places an unfair burden on Michigan’s most vulnerable groups, many of whom live in the Copper Country. I think it’s important to tell State Rep. Matt Huuki and State Sen. Tom Casperson that they need to represent their constituents, not Republican bosses in Lansing," said protest organizer Elise Matz.

Additionally, the HCDP, teachers and public employees are angry about the new Michigan law that allows Gov. Snyder to appoint a financial manager to cash-strapped school districts, cities and municipalities. The financial manager has unilateral power to dismiss elected officials, break union contracts and sell public assets without oversight or voter approval. The law is particularly unfair given that the governor wants to drastically slash education spending and state contributions to municipal budgets.

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littletoot said...

Are there any photos of the Protest March on April 2?

Keweenaw Now said...

Hi, Littletoot,
I just now published the story with photos and video clips. See the top of the Keweenaw Now home page or go to