Friday, April 22, 2011

Katie Alvord: The Gulf Spill, One Year Later: Still a Good Reason to Get Off Oil

Editor's Note: Although it may still snow here in the UP tonight, Earth Day 2011 is a good time to think about alternatives to driving, especially walking or biking whenever possible. Keweenaw Now guest author Katie Alvord reminds us of this in her latest post on her Divorce Your Car blog -- an article posted on April 20, the anniversary of the BP Oil Spill. Alvord also offered many progressive ideas about transportation in her March 24, 2011, presentation during Michigan Tech's Earth Week: "The Greenest Routes from A to B."

Katie Alvord, author of Divorce Your Car, presents "The Greenest Routes from A to B" on March 24, 2011, during Michigan Tech's Earth Week celebration. Here she shows a photo of bike racks on buses. (Photo by Keweenaw Now)

Check out Alvord's latest article and, if you missed her series of posts on recovering from oil dependence, see her July 2010 posts and more ...

By Katie Alvord
Posted April 20, 2011

HOUGHTON -- Today marks one year since the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform blew up, killing eleven workers and initiating what’s been called the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. This week, news outlets are running retrospectives of this crisis that has not yet ended. There is still oil to clean up, there are still claims to process, and there are still visible environmental effects around the Gulf of this huge spill ... Click here to read the rest of this article.

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