Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video, photos from protests at Rio Tinto AGM in London

LONDON, ENGLAND -- The London Mining Network, a watchdog group on mining activities around the world, has posted a 15-minute video of the protest against mining giant Rio Tinto by activists who came to London from Indonesia, California, Michigan and Utah for the Rio Tinto Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 14, 2011.*

Meg Townsend speaks with Rio Tinto CEO Tom Albanese, left, and Chairman Jan du Plessis after the April 14, 2011, Rio Tinto AGM, during which she spoke and had just presented du Plessis a petition from 200 doctors protesting the form of mining that will be used in the Eagle Mine near Big Bay, Michigan. Townsend and her family have been fighting this mine all her life. At right is Preston Chiaro, Rio Tinto group executive for technology and innovation. Click on photos for larger versions. (Photo © 2011 Sallie Shatz and courtesy Cynthia Pryor. Reprinted with permission.)**

The film includes interviews with these activists -- who state their complaints against the company, why they wanted to attend its AGM and what they achieved by doing so.

Among these activists was Meg Townsend, who works for a prominent New York law firm and who went to London to speak at the AGM about the Eagle Mine near Big Bay, Michigan, and Eagle Rock, the Ojibwa sacred site projected to be the portal for the mine. In the film, Townsend, along with other activists, is interviewed before and after the meeting.*

Outside the Rio Tinto AGM on April 14, 2011, Utah Moms for Clean Air lead a peaceful protest rally against the company. Approximately 150 colorful balloons were popped one at a time, each representing a premature death because of air pollution spewing from the company’s operations in the greater Salt Lake City area. (Photo courtesy London Mining Network)

*Click here to see the 15-minute video of the protest and interviews.

** For more photos by Sallie Shatz of the Rio Tinto AGM in London and the protest by Utah Moms, see

See also our April 17, 2011, article, "Updated: Utah Moms for Clean Air lead protest against Rio Tinto at company's AGM in London."

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