Monday, May 02, 2011

Sen. Levin: Statement on U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden

WASHINGTON, D.C. --U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan), chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today made the following statement concerning the U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden:

"The people of the world can feel relief and satisfaction that a monster has been brought to justice. Justice has a long memory and a long arm," Levin said.

"I stand in awe and appreciation of the men and women of our military and our intelligence community, who have once again demonstrated their amazing courage and competence. Their heroism is a stark contrast to bin Laden, who while sending his underlings to die or huddle in mountain caves has been living in the comfort of a villa in Pakistan. Surely this will help puncture the myth of Osama bin Laden.

"This is a great victory in the fight against terrorism. But it is not the final victory.

"These events also bring back to us the pain of the terrible loss we suffered on Sept. 11, 2001, and of the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have been lost or wounded in the years since. It is their heroism, and not bin Laden’s hatred, that endures."

Editor's Note: Click here for a video-clip of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement to the press on bin Laden's death.

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