Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updated: Long Walk of the Drum to be held July 17 on Yellow Dog Plains

From Save the Wild UP and WAVE:

MARQUETTE -- A Long Walk of the Drum will take place on the Yellow Dog Plains beginning at Noon on Sunday, July 17.

This berm and fence now surround the Rio Tinto / Kennecott mine site at Eagle Rock on the Yellow Dog Plains near Big Bay, Mich. Note crane in the background. Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company (KEMC), in the view of opponents, has illegally leased and obtained state permits for land at the mine site. KEMC says they plan to drill through Eagle Rock to access the nickel / copper ore body. (Click on photos for larger versions.)

"This was a dream . . . lots of people -- all kinds, walking to the beat of the drum . . . from one drum to the next . . . walking, head down, a solemn walk of the drum . . . three times around the site counter-clockwise."

This dream or vision was shared and expressed, separately, by two men. Both men dreamed of Eagle Rock surrounded by a fence with security men looking on as the "people" walked by to the sound of the drum.

On Sunday, July 17th, there will be a walk on the Yellow Dog Plains. Drummers will gather to offer their drum to this walk. It is not important that each person make the total four-mile trek. It is just important that many people gather to participate in the walk.

"Passing from one drum site to the next, the people will pass from one to the next until it is done."

This is not a protest with flags and banners. This is a continuing peaceful protest and effort to stop this mine on public lands and protect our environment. For the last nine years, we have attempted to bring reason, science and the will of the people to this long campaign. It is time to gather the people again, in a united consciousness, for this Long Walk of the Drum around Eagle Rock.

" . . . and the people will pass from one drum to the next until it is done."

Kennecott Eagle Minerals sign and security vehicle at Eagle Rock. The walkers intend to walk where the public is allowed. Walking along a road that is not gated, across private property to access public and/or CFA land is permissible.

Volunteers are needed to assist with the drum sites, which will also be rest stations for the walkers. If you and a friend are available to assist from 10 a.m. on Sunday the 17th until sunset you are needed. Two people per site is what the organizers are looking for. If you have a large tent or tarp that can be set up to give shade and rest -- that would be wonderful.

Please visit Stand for the Land for the logistics of camping on State public lands, fire danger, what to bring (food, water, etc.) and more information.

Click here for a map of the area. Footprints mark the approximate route of the walk.

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