Friday, July 08, 2011

Electronics Recycling collection to be July 9 in Hancock

HANCOCK -- The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) will sponsor an Electronics Recycling collection from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, July 9, at the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department, 540 Depot St., Hancock.

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is non-working, obsolete, or unwanted computers, monitors, televisions, audio/visual equipment, printers, scanners, copiers, keyboards, mice, and other home electronic equipment.

The RSVP Electronics Recycling is a local initiative to provide households and small businesses with an environmentally and economically sound solution to disposing of electronic waste. The Western Upper Peninsula Electronics Recycling Program will accept the following items during collection events:

Cellular Phones, Computer Monitors, Computer towers (Central Processing Units), Copiers, Cordless Telephones, Fax Machines, Fluorescent light bulbs (4 foot – 8 foot bulbs), Keyboards and Computer Mice, Laptop Computers, Microwave ovens, Batteries (Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium, Lithium, Mercury), Printers, Scanners, Stereo equipment, Televisions, VCR and DVD Players. Note: No single electronic device weighing more than 150 lbs will be accepted.

Individuals who have generated electronic waste as a result of use within a household are not restricted to the number of electronic devices brought to collection sites.

However, hazardous waste regulations do limit the amount of e-waste which may be collected from businesses. Therefore, businesses must contact the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program prior to a collection date, to receive approval of disposal amounts.

Most items are recycled for free, but some fees are charged for certain items, such as batteries and microwave ovens. Click here for the fee schedule.

For additional information, questions, or if you are a business seeking approval for participation in an e-waste collection, please contact the Western Upper Peninsula
Electronics Recycling Program at (906) 482-7382.

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