Thursday, September 08, 2011

Updated: From Stand for the Land: Detroit News promotes U.P. mining

UPPER PENINSULA -- Stand for the Land posted on Sept. 7, 2011, an excerpt from the Sept. 7, 2011, Detroit News editorial promoting mining in the Upper Peninsula, in particular the Eagle Mine on the Yellow Dog Plains.

We join Stand for the Land in calling readers' attention to this editorial and the comments it immediately drew from outraged citizens aware of the truth about Rio Tinto /Kennecott's record of environmental degradation and human rights abuses.

The editorial states, "The Eagle Mine promises to be one of the most environmentally friendly mining operations in the world. If it is successful, it could revive the mining industry in the U.P. and do so in an environmentally responsible way. It could also lead the way to a much-needed employment surge in the region."

Click here to read the editorial.

Click here to read the comments.

Update: Click here to read the response from mining expert Jack Parker.

See also our Sept. 2, 2011, article, "Groups ask Judge to halt mine blasting at Eagle Rock."

Visit Stand for the Land for articles and photos on the Eagle Mine issue.

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