Monday, October 03, 2011

Letter to Mining Journal: "Money challenges"

MARQUETTE -- In a letter to the Marquette Mining Journal, posted Oct. 3, 2011, Gabriel Caplett of Skandia writes about public funds being wasted on large, wealthy corporations and mining companies while local community needs go unfunded.

"Wow, Cliffs' Renewafuel biomass plant is closing already," he writes. "It's amazing the amount of time and forfeited money that has been spent giving Cliffs outrageously generous local and state tax breaks for Renewafuel, and the amount of money Tilden Township recently forfeited to give Cliffs a huge tax break for its mining operations. This to a company that has been posting record profits and has so much cash it has been buying up other companies."

Caplett also points out what the projected County Road 595 for Kennecott could cost the taxpayers -- "tens of thousands of dollars on county staff time and other costs to get it permitted for Kennecott."

If built, the road could cost $100,000 a year to maintain, Caplett adds, while the present budget is vastly insufficient to maintain existing roads....

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