Monday, November 07, 2011

Copper Harbor Trails earn world-class "Ride Center" designation

By Sam Raymond

COPPER HARBOR -- For those who may not have heard the exciting news already, the Copper Harbor Trails were recently designated as a new IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) "Ride Center" -- currently one of seven such Ride Centers in the world.

World-Class Copper Harbor Trails offer variety and challenges for mountain bikers of all levels. Here Tony Schwenn, left, and Kyle Bordeau tackle a challenging trail. (Photo © Aaron Peterson of and courtesy Sam Raymond)

IMBA's staff scored points based on the variety of trails in a location where riders may park their vehicle and experience all in one place. From gateway trails, to extensive cross country trails, flow trails and downhill/gravity trails and a biker friendly community, Copper Harbor was scored as one of the premiere mountain bike destinations anywhere.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, paid Club dues, participated in events, donated, ridden the trails and talked them up over the years, as your support has helped to make this happen! *

There was a solid presence of bikers in town all season long, from early May through early November. We have to believe all of the Keweenaw's trail systems will continue to see more riders as a result of this designation!

2011 finished on a high note with the completion of the new gravity/dirt jump trail (Flying Squiriel), the 1st phase Garden Brook re-route (a new easy-rated flow trail) and re-working of the berms on the upper part of "The Flow" -- all since Fat Tire/Labor Day Weekend. Here's to a great season and looking forward to another great season of riding in 2012!

* Click here to learn more about international "Ride Centers."

Editor's Note: Guest writer Sam Raymond is Vice-President of the Copper Harbor Trails Club and owner of Copper Harbor's Keweenaw Adventure Company.

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