Friday, January 13, 2012

Mind Trekkers to take science magic for kids to Green Bay's Einstein Science Expo Jan. 14

Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers demonstrate making ice cream from liquid nitrogen and serve it to visitors at the 2011 Houghton County Fair. This is just one of many science activities Mind Trekkers students will demonstrate on Jan. 14 at the Einstein Science Expo in Green Bay. (File photo by Keweenaw Now)

By Jennifer Donovan, Michigan Tech Director of Public Relations
Posted on Michigan Tech News Jan. 12, 2012

HOUGHTON -- What if, instead of candy bars or miniature American flags, children with eyesight problems in economically deprived parts of the world received lightweight, inexpensive, self-adjustable eyeglasses? More might learn to read and write. More futures might look brighter.

Dow Corning has developed such glasses, and while the Centre for Vision in the Developing World makes and distributes 50,000 pairs to teenagers around the globe, the silicon technology giant headquartered in Midland, Mich., has donated some to the Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers to demonstrate at their upcoming events throughout 2012. The glasses, called Adspecs, will be showcased along with other science spectaculars to Green Bay school children and their families at the Einstein Science Expo this Saturday, Jan. 14 at Shopko Hall.

Mind Trekkers is a traveling science show filled with hands-on activities that bring the 'WOW' of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life for school children. Mind Trekkers, part of Michigan Tech’s Pre-college Outreach program, has performed science magic for and with thousands of young people all over the country.

At the 2011 Houghton County Fair, youngsters line up at the Mind Trekkers' event to try running or dancing through oobleck, a sticky white substance that grabs your feet and holds you if you don't move fast. (File photo by Keweenaw Now)

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