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From Stand for the Land: O’dewe’igan Negaunee Giishik

Posted on Stand for the Land
Feb. 23, 2012
Reprinted with permission

What is occurring across our territory is overwhelming and way bigger than a single mine or a road, and the approval of this road under the disguise of the Marquette County Road Commission represents the road to destruction, just as the ancient Anishinaabe prophecies teach. We are the new people. Humanity has a choice. Anishinaabe people have an obligation.

This road should not be a discussion.
This road should not be paid for by taxpayers.
This road should not come before re-building and fixing existing roads.
This road should not be built…. period.

Rio Tinto should not invest their money in this road and or the Eagle project. This proposed road will be a waste of time, effort and resources. It is in fact a haul road for Rio Tinto.

O’dewe-igan negaunee giishik means "mother earth's heartbeat right before sunrise." Negaunee means leading, or right before…. Ishpeming means after, or up there. We are sitting right now on ceded territory…Native land… Anishinaabeg land.

Please study the US constitution. The United States Constitution provides that "Congress shall have Power . . . to regulate commerce . . . with the Indian Tribes." No mention of "State" control.

Please study the 1836 and 1842 treaties -- they also refer to us as a Nation. The Indians stipulate for the right of hunting, gathering, trapping, cultural practices on the ceded territory, with the other usual privileges of occupancy, until required to remove by the President of the United States… I don’t think that has happened yet, has it?

Please understand that the Eagle Project and this haul road are both illegal. If you agree with the Eagle Project and agree with this haul road being built, you are guilty as well.

Read the Anishinaabe 7th Fire Prophecy. This road and the Eagle Mine represent the Path of Destruction. (Mishomis Book Chapter 13.)

The Anishinaabeg are a nation, not a state. We’re not supposed to be discussing our lands and way of life with the states. We’re only supposed to discuss these issues with the federal government.

If you are a true human being you will understand this truth. Stop assisting, stop aiding and abetting. Stop violating our land and our way of life.

Start inviting us to your table so we can discuss these matters. We are the true stewards of this land; our women are the keepers of the water. We offer to let you use it, walk about it as you please. Just respect it; you can’t do anything you want on our land.

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent, from the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -- this means you need our approval, and you don’t have it…and you don’t listen.

What’s taking place is wrong.

We as a people are not against "jobs." We are all for "jobs" when it/they are done right, when it respects all people's views…our views, our concerns. We are strongly against desecrating our land, our Mother Earth. We feel disrespected that the State of Michigan will not listen to our just pleas.

Everybody, please, do the right thing. Follow the proper path.

The fact that the billion-dollar ore deposit at Eagle symbolizes a baby is pretty significant. It represents the womb of Mother Earth. The Anishinaabe people have prophecies telling of this time when humanity must choose between two paths. Look at all of the destruction happening to the entire Earth. Eagle Rock is a shining example of this choice….spiritualism or technology/destruction? Sacred Site or Mine Portal?


Dave Mayo
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Tribal Member
for O’dewe’igan Negaunee Giishik

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