Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Club Indigo to celebrate St. Patrick's Day March 9 with film set in Ireland

CALUMET -- The movie event for this Friday, March 9, at the Calumet Theatre is the annual extravaganza celebrating St. Patrick's Day for its Club Indigo.

War of the Buttons is the film -- a delightful, funny, sobering, characteristically Irish movie, adapted from a French novel (and film) of the same name. The time is the 60s, the place, near the coast in Southern Ireland. The situation involved two warring groups of kids on either side of a river -- one of poorer class, the other financially endowed. The antagonism starts simply enough, then escalates with sticks, bats and sling shots -- and the taking of buttons as trophies. The parents are drawn into it as it becomes increasingly serious, but is finally resolved with an unexpected occurrence. Watching it you want to laugh, cry, learn something about the lives of youngsters and their relationship to their parents. It's a memorable experience.

The movie is at 7:15 p.m, preceded at 6 p.m. by an all Irish buffet featuring -- straight from the Auld Sod itself -- a corned beef dinner with Irish trimmings. For those celebrating the Lenten season, an equally fine fish dinner will be served. Cost: $18 for food and film; $5 for the movie alone. Children receive a special discount for this PG-rated film.

To reserve a place at the buffet, call the theatre at least a day in advance: 337-2610.

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