Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letter: Planning Commission deserves thanks, respect, cooperation

Dear Fellow Copper Country Citizens:

I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks serving on the Houghton County Planning Commission. Their participation in a civic project of this importance and scope serves all of us as we look to the area's future and what an "ideal" county could look like at that time.

Hopefully, disrespect, interference and lack of civility toward these, and other community members who have been appointed, elected or volunteered to serve in a variety of ways, will stop. We harm the very spirit and substance of democracy when interrupting meetings and allowing rudeness to substitute for rational, organized and thoughtful submission of verbal or written materials for consideration.

Opposition to proposed agendas or documents can be expressed in ways that are not intimidating or threatening. Cooperation is the key to accomplishing many things, and our county plan is important -- and deserves all of our best efforts. Thanks again to those who have stepped forward and worked for a future of lasting, diverse, creative -- and, cooperative -- substance.

Yours on the up trail,
Sue Raker-Galloway
Farmer, Beekeeper
Woodland Location

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