Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gromit the Trail Mutt posts photos of her bike trail adventures

HANCOCK -- Gromit the Trail Mutt has posted photos of her latest adventures on the bike trails. Here are a few samples ...

On Saturday, Apr. 28, Gromit writes, "Today we headed to Churning Rapids for a great little run... but the rest of the pack rode their bike. Why don't they run??" (Photos © 2012 and courtesy Arlyn and Sandy Aronson)

"A water dog can appreciate a cool stop in Swedetown creek!" Gromit says. "We saw a friendly fisherman here."

Last week (Apr. 21) Gromit had a great run on Swedetown Trails in Calumet. Here she takes a break next to Sandy and Arlyn's tandem bike.

On Apr. 20 Gromit and her pack took a trip to Hungarian Falls. "I lean close for security," Gromit notes. "You can't see this but these are over 100 ft tall."

Gromit and Sandy at the Michigan Tech Trails. "We didn't do the Dork screw," Gromit says. "Personally I don't care for the decking with the big spacing; it's not good for all-paw drive."

See more photos of Gromit's adventures on her blog, The Trail Mutt Reports.

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