Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lake Superior Mining News: Federal Agencies criticize Rio Tinto’s new mine hauling plan (County Road 595)

By Gabriel Caplett
Posted on Lake Superior Mining News

MARQUETTE -- The Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have issued strong criticisms of "County Road 595," a revamped Woodland Road. The road was originally pursued by Rio Tinto through Woodland Road LLC; Rio Tinto is now having the Marquette County Road Commission pursue permits for its mine hauling road. It is now up to the EPA to object to the project, permit it, or require conditions before approval. Click on the three links below for information from the two federal agencies and the road commission.

Read the Army Corps’ comments, sent Mar. 29, 2012, to Peter Swenson, US EPA, Chicago.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s comments, sent Apr. 5, 2012, to Ms. Melanie Haveman, US EPA, Chicago.

The Marquette County Road Commission’s Apr. 5, 2012, response to the Army Corps’ comments.

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