Monday, August 13, 2012

Michigan League of Conservation Voters: Romney picks climate-denying Paul Ryan as running mate

By Ryan Werder, Michigan League of Conservation Voters
Posted Aug. 13, 2012, in Michigan LCV's "Political Week in Review"

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his nominee for Vice President this weekend. Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin's 1st District, has an abysmal 3 percent score on the current national League of Conservation Voters Scorecard and a 20 percent lifetime score. I suppose it could be fun to see my name on so many lawn signs soon, but Romney’s pick doesn’t make it worth it. 3 percent is simply awful.

Ryan's shift toward the extreme end of the anti-conservation wing of his party and Mitt Romney's selection of him as a running mate is a dramatic turn away from the conservation legacy traditionally supported by Republicans. While the trees in Michigan might be the right height for Mitt Romney, his VP is the wrong pick for Michigan and our Great Lakes.

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