Monday, August 06, 2012

UPDATED: Sample ballots available on line for Michigan Primary Election Tuesday, Aug. 7

HANCOCK -- Tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012, is the Michigan Primary Election Day for both Democrats and Republicans. You can view a sample ballot for your own precinct on line.

Click here to find a sample ballot for each precinct on the Michigan Secretary of State election site. The Public Ballot identifies every office, candidate and proposal that appears on any ballot in the precinct selected. What appears on a voter’s ballot depends on where that voter lives within the precinct.

Voters can also go to the SOS voter page where voters to verify if they are registered, find out where they vote, and view their sample ballot.

One contested race on the Democratic Primary Ballot is the District 110 State Representative seat now being held by Republican Matt Huuki. Democrats Scott Dianda of Calumet and William D. Lucius of Ironwood are running for this candidacy to oppose Huuki in November. Huuki is unopposed on the Republican Primary Ballot.

The Houghton County Democratic Party unanimously endorsed Scott Dianda for the August 7th Primary.

"We believe Scott is best prepared and most ready to bring to Lansing honorable and strong representation of the people of the 110th District," said Brian Rendel, Houghton County Democratic Party co-chair.

UPDATE: Brian Rendel reminds voters that while the Primary Ballot lists both Republican and Democratic candidates, voters may not cross party lines in the partisan section. If they do, their ballot is thrown out.

"Voters may also choose to vote for only the candidates or they may choose to vote for candidates and proposals, or they may choose to vote for only the proposals if they wish," Rendel explains. "However, if they choose to vote for candidates, they must limit their selections in the August primary to a single party."

This election is different from the November general election, in which voters are allowed to mix parties on the same ballot or to vote "straight ticket," which will automatically cast votes for all candidates in all partisan offices for the party of their choice, he added.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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