Friday, September 14, 2012

Celtic Festival opens TONIGHT, Sept. 14, at Houghton County Fairgrounds; Highland Games, Concert to be Sept. 15

HANCOCK -- The 2012 Celtic Festival and Copper Hammer Highland Games opens with a Ceildh in the barn at the Houghton County Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. TONIGHT, Friday, Sept. 14, 1500 Birch St., Hancock. This is an open mike, so bring your Celtic songs, poems, jokes, tunes, etc., and share your talent -- OR just come and hang out.

Admission of $5 gets you in for the entire weekend, including the Highland Games on Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Fairgrounds and the Tuatha Dea concert Saturday evening in the 4-H Building (be sure to get a wristband).

Performers who have signed up so far include the duo of harpist Sidney Butler and vocalist Courtney Clisch, who have prepared a variety of Celtic pieces, from a traditional Welsh tune to a modern work which blends Celtic and Middle Eastern themes; whistle player John Sundquist and pianist Pat Oakes; traditional singer Melissa Lewis and banjo player Doug Bacon; and fiddler Kelly Suvanto and guitarist Oren Tikkanen. Last year there were pipers and dancers, and who knows what may happen this time -- it's a Ceilidh!*

Click here for more info about the Celtic Fest activities.

*From Wikipedia: "In modern usage, a céilidh or ceilidh /ˈkeɪlɪ/ is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. It originated in Ireland and Scotland, but is now common throughout the Irish and Scottish diasporas."

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