Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Detroit Free Press: "Snyder vetoes concealed weapons bill"

LANSING -- At 3:54 p.m. today the Detroit Free Press posted this update: "Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a bill this afternoon that would have allowed gun owners with extra training to carry their concealed weapons in schools, day care centers, churches and stadiums.

"In his veto letter sent to the Legislature shortly before 4 p.m., Snyder said the bill had a fatal loophole that didn’t allow for those institutions to opt out of the new legislation and prohibit weapons from their buildings," the article states.

Earlier today, the Free Press posted an article noting religious leaders and other concerned citizens were writing to the Governor, asking him to veto the legislation, and were planning a vigil outside his office for 4 p.m. today.

Michigan U.S. Senator Carl Levin also urged Snyder to veto the "flawed" legislation.*

The Free Press noted, "The veto comes just four days after a horrific shooting in Newtown, Conn., in which a heavily armed 20-year-old muscled his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and six adults."**

*See "Sen. Levin urges Gov. Snyder to veto concealed-weapons bill passed by Michigan Legislature."

** Click here to read the Detroit Free Press article on the veto.

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