Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter: Doubts concerning the wolf hunt regulations

The Pros have figured out how best to regulate the wolf hunt "to reduce predation on pets and livestock and to minimize wolf/human conflicts." The published regulations leave me puzzled. I wonder if I am alone in that category. Show me the predation and the conflicts.

1. 1200 licenses are to be sold beginning in August.
2.  The goal is to "Kill" 43 wolves, any age or sex.  That 4-letter word sets the stage -- get the kids used to killing for fun. That’s what guns are for, isn’t it?
3.  Bait and traps are allowed to hold the wild dog captive while mighty hunter shoots it. In no way are the contestants evenly matched. It’s an execution, not a sport.
4.  Licenses can be used in any or all of the three zones set up for hunting, beginning Nov 15th.
5.  Any "hunter" can set out bait if he sees wolf sign, and replenish it frequently, much like bones for bear bait.
6.  Three months hence he can bury traps around his baitpile, later to entrap those semi-domesticated wolves.
7.  On opening day he can sit in his blind and shoot his wolf, or all of them if he is truly anti-wolf.  Otherwise his buddies can shoot the rest.  3-2-1- Shoot together at designated targets.
8. That does not thin out the wolf population -- it wipes out the local pack.
9. Repeat that pattern with 1200 licensees in other territories and there is no way that the regulators will be able to stop the shooting when the so-called quota is filled.
10. Consider too the hundreds of deer hunters sitting in blinds waiting for something to move, to take a potshot and, if it be a wolf -- to hope that it will go away to hide and die.  Pray for snow.
11. Experts, Commission members, responsible officers at MDNR and Governor Snyder, please explain to us, your neighbors and in some cases your employers, how you plan to determine how many wolves have been killed and how you will ensure that the quota will not be exceeded? Anything beyond the quota can not be designated collateral, like humans in warfare.

With these ill-conceived "Regulations" I would expect around 100 wolves to be shot and would hold the regulators culpable and deserving of punishment. $1000 each/wolf, minimum. Or revoke the regulations.

Jack Parker
Baltic MI 49963

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