Thursday, July 11, 2013

Woods Person: Bienvenido a Nicaragua

By Woods Person
Posted July 8 on
Reprinted in part with permission

During the holiday weekend heavily armed security personnel arrived at the GTac exploration site in Iron County (Wis.). Various people have tried to interview the masked, camouflaged troops to determine where they were from, who employs them and what their mission was. Why do they feel this level of armament is necessary? When asked who they were going to shoot, one guard was heard to answer, "nobody who isn't here to make trouble."

Security has been provided by Iron and Ashland County sheriff’s department officers since a confrontation there between mine protesters and drill crews on June 11th.  The Iron County Sheriff’s office has quickly and successfully investigated that incident and the person(s) responsible have been charged. 

Since that time no other problems have arisen. ...*

Photo: This photo was taken during the July 4th weekend on the proposed mine site in Iron County, Wisconsin, USA, not in Nicaragua or other third world country. (Photo
© Rob Ganson. Reprinted with permission)

* Click here to read the rest of this July 8 article on Woods Person's blog, which includes the perspective of Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk and gives reasons why the Bulletproof Securities of Arizona guards, hired by Gogebic Taconite (GTac), were in Wisconsin illegally.

These armed guards have since been removed "temporarily" according to a July 10, 2013, article on, "Mining company temporarily pulls armed guards."

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