Monday, November 18, 2013

North Woods Conservancy's Save Keweenaw Beaches fundraiser underway now through Jan. 9

North Woods Conservancy's beach at Seven-Mile Point, on Lake Superior's Keweenaw shoreline, is one of several properties the conservancy has purchased for public access and preservation. (Keweenaw Now file photo)

CALUMET -- The North Woods Conservancy (NWC) is participating in the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge fundraiser in order to help save several Keweenaw beaches and natural areas NWC is hoping to protect for conservation and public access. It started at noon TODAY, Nov. 18, and runs through Jan. 9, 2014.

NWC is protecting $10 million worth of Lake Superior shoreline in the Keweenaw Peninsula -- nearly two miles of bedrock, cobble, and sand beaches fronting about 1,000 acres. They need to raise $500,000 to complete the last purchase.  Help keep these incredibly scenic, biologically diverse, and ecologically significant areas open for public access and wildlife -- including some of the best agate-picking in the state.

At the August 2013 Houghton County Fair, North Woods Conservancy's Kate Griffith hosts the NWC information booth with photos of some of the Keweenaw natural areas the conservancy hopes to protect and keep open for public access in perpetuity. (Photo by Keweenaw Now)

The goal of the fundraiser is to get 50,000 people to donate $10 each and raise $500,000.

This sounds like a lot, but here's how it can work: 250 people will donate $10, each of those 250 then get 10 of their friends and family to donate $10, then each of those 10 people get 5 of their friends and family to donate, and finally each of those 5 people get 4 more to donate. So, 250x10x5x4 = 50,000 $10 donors = $500,000.

Clearly, it's possible, but it requires 1) YOU to donate $10 and 2) YOU to get (at least) 10 of your friends to donate, and so on.

"The reason I think this can be successful is that it's an easy ask -- anybody can donate $10, one time," says John Griffith, NWC president. "Plus with social media, everybody has an email/FB/Twitter list to easily contact to get the 'next 10.'"

Click HERE to donate $10, and then get 10 of your family and friends to donate too by forwarding this link or pasting it on your social media page:

Donors can make their own CrowdRise page to forward to their contact list. It is not necessary to make your own page. You can just donate $10 and then forward the link to your family and friends, but it would be better if you did because then you can keep track and make sure that at least 10 of your contacts donate.

To create your own fundraising page, simply go to and click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of the Team. (Or click JOIN THE TEAM).

"It would be great if the first 250 folks to donate through the NWC fundraising page would each make their own fundraising page and get 10 friends to donate $10 each," said NWC Board Member and Volunteer Treasurer Jane Griffith. "Alternatively, you don't actually have to donate to make your own fundraising page, so you can do the fundraising without any money from your own pocket -- just Join The Team  and create the page."

There are prizes! The top team wins $100,000, 2nd place gets $40,000, and 3rd $20,000.  If NWC meets its goal, you have a good chance to win one of theses prizes. And the NWC is giving prizes too:  the top page gets an "In the Moment" print, 2nd place gets a week at the Conglomerate Falls cabin and 3rd place gets a weekend at the CF cabin.*

For more information visit or email

* Editor's Notes:

Click here to read more about "In the Moment" prints by NWC board member and nationally renowned oil artist Robert Leland Pence.

Read about the Conglomerate Falls cabin here.

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