Friday, January 03, 2014

Orpheum Theater to host Steve Jones, Garden City Hot Club and John Peiffer this weekend

HANCOCK -- This weekend the Orpheum Theater will offer two great shows -- one Friday and one Saturday, both featuring Copper Country favorite guitarist Steve Jones.

Guitarist Steve Jones will perform both tonight, Friday, and tomorrow, Saturday, at the Orpheum Theater. (Photo courtesy Orpheum Theater. Reprinted with permission.)

TONIGHT, Friday, Jan. 3, Jones will be playing a special classical guitar show, along with flamenco, Brazilian and fingerstyle jazz compositions.

"If you haven't seen Steve play a solo classical show yet, you'll be amazed!" says Mike Shupe, Orpheum owner.*

On both Friday and Saturday nights, doors open at 7:30 p.m. and music starts around 8 p.m. Admission is $10, $7 for students and seniors, and $5 for children 12 and under.

TOMORROW, Saturday night, Jan. 4, is a rare opportunity to hear Peiffer's Corner, a jazz combo featuring John Peiffer and Steve Jones, as well as other members of the Garden City Hot Club. John Peiffer is the French horn player for the Kennedy Center Orchestra, but in his jazz combo he plays not only French horn, but also ukulele and harmonica -- and he is also the lead singer. This performance is celebrating the release of a debut CD called "This is Peiffer’s Corner."

Musician John Peiffer, center, pictured here with some fellow musicians (not identified), will perform at the Orpheum Theater tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 4. Peiffer, French horn player for the Kennedy Center Orchestra, will be playing with Steve Jones and The Garden City Hot Club to celebrate the release of a debut CD called "This is Peiffer’s Corner." (Photo courtesy Orpheum Theater and Emaleigh Jensen. Reprinted with permission.)

Singer, multi-instrumentalist and leader, John Peiffer says, "'Peiffer’s Corner' is a creative gathering place for musicians (like Steve Jones and members of The Garden City Hot Club, who will be joining me), the songs and arrangements I write, and for the lovers of jazz, blues and the classics who come to listen, share a laugh, and maybe dance in the aisles."

Whether dancing polkas, playing horn with the Pine Mountain Music Festival, or joining Steve Jones and the Garden City Hot Club at the Orpheum and elsewhere, John Peiffer has nurtured a love affair with Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since 2001.

John says, "Something magical always happens when I play music with Steve Jones and the guys."

Though Bob Hiltunen, Dan Fuhrman and Scott McIntosh are usually "the guys" he’s referring to, others are often included as well.

"Last summer we had a memorable night at the Orpheum when, with the addition of violinist Glen Basham of the Bergonzi String Quartet, myself on natural horn and harmonicas, and Adam Johnson on the drums, the Garden City Hot Club became a septet that I still hear folks raving about," John notes.

Coming from the Washington, D.C. area, where he is Assistant Principal Horn of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, John says, "I’m always amazed at how many incredibly talented musicians and artists make their home in the U.P."

And, since buying a house in Chassell in 2002 and meeting the love of his life at the Aura Jamboree in 2009, that’s exactly what Peiffer’s been doing, when at all possible.

"The cross-country skiing and Lake Superior kayaking in the summer aren’t too shabby either," he adds. "They’re the best!"

While drawing creative inspiration for "Peiffer’s Corner" from writers of the "Great American Songbook" like Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, Irving Berlin and the Gershwins, John has one foot rooted in the jazz tradition and the other in that of the classical masters. So welcome the surprise of hearing him bring together Strauss and Thelonious Monk, Puccini and Lionel Hampton, or his own creations with Eric Satie or Duke Ellington -- playing jazz on the French horn, harmonica or recorder and accompanying his smooth baritone voice on the ukulele.

"I am so delighted to have Steve Jones and members of The Garden City Hot Club joining me for the music of 'Peiffer’s Corner' at the Orpheum Theater on January 4th," John says. "We’ll have Dan Fuhrman at the keyboard, Bob Hiltunen on guitar and percussion, and Tim Havens on the bass."

In with Studio Pizza, the Orpheum Theater is located across the street from Finlandia University at 426 Quincy Street in downtown Hancock.

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