Thursday, August 07, 2014

Club Indigo to present original "KING KONG" Aug. 8 at Calumet Theatre

CALUMET -- KING KONG, the original 1933 film, restored and uncut, will be this month's Club Indigo food and film event -- to be shown Friday evening Aug. 8, at the Calumet Theatre.

The film is at heart the amazing ape (and dinosaur) animation of Willis O'Brien, his cutting-edge model work, the CGI of its day; but it's also the tragic story that stays etched on the memory, well beyond the imitations that followed and attempted to recreate a power and majesty that never quite adds up to the same overwhelming experience of the original -- arguably THE monster movie of all time, the abiding take on the beauty-and-the-beast motif that still has a mythic power which belies its years.

The plot is well recognized: Hollywood filmmaker Robert Armstrong imperils starlet Fay Wray on a prehistoric island in his bid to turn a local legend into a celluloid hit. Taking the giant gorilla back to civilization for entrepreneurial gain turns out badly for all concerned, not least the captive creature who ends up on top of the Empire State Building in one of cinema's greatest climaxes. This is a thrilling adventure with a good heart, offering an early eco-message at the same time.

For more information call the theatre at 337-2610.

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