Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Friends of Brockway Mountain: Today is last day to submit petition on Brockway cell tower location

According to Friends of Brockway Mountain, "On a USGS topo map the red dot/cross is the proposed Brockway Tower location. This tower and its lights at night will be obvious from Copper Harbor, Keweenaw Mtn Lodge, Lake Medora, Brockway summit, US 41, and..... forever." (Image courtesy Friends of Brockway Mountain)

From Friends of Brockway Mountain
Reprinted from their Facebook Page with permission

[Editor's Note: We regret the late posting of this information. We just learned that today, Aug. 20, is the final day to submit to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this  "Petition to Deny" the proposed Brockway Mountain cell tower application by SBA. Friends of Brockway Mountain are not opposed to a cell tower but to the proposed location for a tower on Brockway.]

COPPER HARBOR -- YOUR ACTION NEEDED NOW!!! In spite of the strong opposition, the FCC is continuing to consider Brockway Mountain for a cell tower location. We only have until AUGUST 20, 2014 to contact the FCC about Brockway Mountain, file number A0909673. Please petition the FCC to deny the the Brockway Mountain cell tower application by SBA file number A0909673 on the grounds of fraudulent inducement and misrepresentation to Keweenaw County; SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office); US Fish and Wildlife; and citizens, businesses, conservation organizations and visitors. 

SBA and its agents falsely represented that Brockway Mountain was the only location for a cell tower to ensure public safety. A grassroots-funded engineering study showed other locations provide equal or better to provide public safety. Defacing Brockway Mountain to improve SBA's profit margin is a tragedy to be avoided. Please contact the FCC by following the instructions below. Be sure to copy your message and also email it to: the FCC, SBA, Ramaker and Associates, elected officials, US Fish and Wildlife, SHPO and Keweenaw County. Please be sure to always use file number A0909673 and customize your message as you see fit and THANK YOU for DEFENDING BROCKWAY MOUNTAIN.

Here is the procedure to file a "Petition to Deny":

Compose the text of your Request for Environmental Review and save it as a document(s) on your computer. You may use Word or any of a number of other popular formats. You will also have an opportunity to attach photographs or other materials in separate documents.

1) Point browser to this link:
2) Select "File Environmental Request" at top of page.
3) Read and follow instructions on the page.
4) At the bottom of the page click "Continue"
4) Go to the Pleadings Page.
5) Select the Pleading Type "ASR Environmental Request Notice" from the drop down box.
6) Enter your Filer and Contact Information and click Continue.
7) Click the File Number button.
8) Enter the ASR File Number (A0909673) associated with the application you are challenging in the box and click Submit.
9) Check the box next to each File Number and click Continue.
10) Select the Type of Pleading (Petition to Deny). Browse to the location on your computer to upload the pleading, enter a brief description of the pleading, and click Add Attachment.
(Note: Repeat Step 10 for each separate file you want to upload.)
11) Click Submit Pleading.
12) Upon successful submission you should automatically be assigned a filing number. Write it down or otherwise save the number.

If you have trouble, contact the FCC at Phone: 1-888-225-5322.

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