Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club reports progress on Maasto Hiihto Middle Bridge project

Replacement of the Middle Bridge across Swedetown Creek on the Maasto Hiihto river trail is nearly complete, thanks to Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club and the City of Hancock. (Photos © and courtesy Arlyn Aronson.)

HANCOCK -- The Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club (KNSC) has posted a Summer 2015 Newsletter with reports on their Middle Bridge project in Swedetown Gorge. The project, led by KNSC Vice President Mark Roberts, is ongoing and still welcomes volunteers.

On July 3, led by KNSC Vice President Mark Roberts, left in background, volunteers help mix and pour the last footer for the Middle Bridge.

"In the spring of 2013, we had to shore up the downstream side because it had washed away with the heavy spring runoff, and in the summer of 2014 we replaced one of the main beams that had rotted away and collapsed," Roberts reports in KNSC's Summer 2015 Newsletter.

The 2015 project has been to replace the whole bridge. With contributions from the City of Hancock, KNSC purchased a steel replacement bridge last fall.

Mark Roberts welcomes help from volunteers of all ages. 

"The bridge is designed to span the creek without a mid support and to DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) load and safety standards," Roberts adds.

KNSC plans to reuse tools and equipment to replace the Sisu Bridge in 2017.

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