Monday, March 07, 2016

Letter: Bernie Sanders is the real deal

By Mary Jane Williams*

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two words on Central Florida's best reaction to Donald Trump: BERNIE SANDERS! He's the real and only alternative to establishment Democrat and establishment Republican wars in the Middle East and Libya, brought to us by the Clintons and the Bushes. It's these wars that have brought Radical Islamic terrorism to our country.

Neither Trump nor anyone else can stop people from coming to America for work and freedom. How about we put a couple million people to work digging up antiquated water pipes all over the country so we don't have more Flint, Michigan, type water poisoning. How about we put people to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, and subways? Bernie would spend money on projects like these rather than more wars.

Before I'd heard of Bernie Sanders I happened to attend a Senate hearing in Washington, D.C., of the committee supposedly overseeing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Every Senator in that room was licking the shoes of the Commissioners. Hardest question: "How come it's taking so long to license more reactors?" Bernie pulled the microphone over and gave a spontaneous talking-to to the NRC Commissioners, telling them the hard regulations they should be putting into place. Bernie's wisdom, command of the subject, and ability to articulate -- also his courage, his guts! -- were astounding.

Bernie Sanders is the real deal; sadly he's almost a unique deal: a passionate, extremely intelligent, informed person, elected to Congress by a citizenry that truly governs itself and self-educates itself on the issues. (Each Vermont town has a yearly Town Meeting where every citizen speaks his/her mind. Town Meeting articles become the law for that town.)


Editor's Note: The above letter was submitted recently to an Orlando newspaper as a comment on their website article on Donald Trump. It is reprinted here with the author's permission.

*The author of this letter, Mary Jane Williams describes herself as a "Reluctant mover (from the Keweenaw) to Florida last August following my grandson." She would like to be a snowbird back and forth to the U.P.

Inset photo: Williams is pictured here with her grandson, Jonah, in 2010. (Photo courtesy Mary Jane Williams) 

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