Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Wide-Eyed Gallery to open Apr. 1 in South Range

The new Wide-Eyed Gallery will open its doors to the public at 7 p.m. Friday, Apr. 1, in South Range, Mich. (Image courtesy Wide-Eyed Gallery)

SOUTH RANGE --  A new nonprofit art gallery is about to open its doors in South Range. Wide-Eyed Gallery will be holding its opening celebration at 7 p.m. this Friday, Apr. 1. The Gallery is at 21 Trimountain Ave. in South Range.

Wide-Eyed Gallery is a public space for artists of all medias to display their work for art lovers to enjoy. The gallery space is being donated and run by Dr. Sarah Derenzo, a returning U.P. native, who has had a life long love of all things art. A Go Fund Me campaign had helped raise over $500 to fund the opening expenses of the gallery. Donations are still being collected to support the running costs of the gallery via the Go Fund Me page. Interested artists can contact Sarah at for more information on art showings.

The gallery's goal is to celebrate art and to leave each guest a little more wide- eyed. Please come and celebrate this new public art space!

Featured at the Wide-Eyed Gallery for April and Spring 2016 are these artists:

Donna Lenard, whose breath-taking watercolors can be seen on her Facebook page. Donna is a self-taught artist who has been painting for 15 years. Her watercolors reflect the softer side of nature and leave you feeling serene.

Ashly Ekdahl of  Celestial Eden will be featuring her stunning oil painting, which can be seen on her Web page. Ashly studied art at Northern Michigan University. Her use of color makes one feel as if her work is jumping off the canvas.

Algomah Acres Honey Farm's own Melissa Hronkin will be exhibiting some of her unique multimedia sculpture. Melissa has been inspiring artists for years with her teaching. Her adventurous use of materials will leave you wondering what she is going to do next.

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