Monday, May 30, 2016

Guest Article: Memorial Day 2016

By Horst Schmidt, President, Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition

It's not often that we environmentalists remember this day. Memorial Day commemorates those men and women who died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Although they may have served for different reasons, they lost their lives protecting all the people in this country.

That is the point. All the people. As we enjoy this day, we need to remind those who think they are privileged and have rights due to their wealth over and above that of the remainder of people in this country that their good fortune is due to the sacrifices made in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Europe and East Asia and many other lands.

When determined efforts are made to undermine the Constitution, prostitute the law, corrupt our government, take what is not rightfully theirs, destroy our water, air and land, what reason do we have to support such a system?

It is time for equality to reign. Let us provide a stake for all who are willing to make our democracy work and to keep our country safe from those bent on destroying the environment on which our very existence depends.

Let us have a Memorial Day that recognizes those soldiers, sailors, air force, marines did not die for the few, but for all of us.

(Inset photo of American flag by Keweenaw Now.)

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