Thursday, May 29, 2008

More bird photos: Feathered friends observed in Chassell

CHASSELL -- Keweenaw wildlife photographer Michael Shupe often shares news of his observations of birds with readers of the local birder email list-serv. This week he shares with Keweenaw Now readers some excellent photos of two species he recently observed near Chassell -- the Savannah Sparrow and the White-Bellied Nuthatch.

Wildlife photographer Michael Shupe recently captured this close-up photo of a Savannah Sparrow near Chassell. Click on photos for larger versions. (Photo © 2008 Michael Shupe. Reprinted with permission.)

"The Savannah Sparrow is one of a recent wave of migrants, and this one was out in Chassell in a wetland area," Shupe writes. "The White-Bellied Nuthatch is a frequent bird feeder visitor that lives here throughout the year. This one was photographed along the banks of the Snake River, in Chassell."

This White-Bellied Nuthatch was photographed along the Snake River in Chassell. Photographer Michael Shupe notes this species is local, living year-round in the Keweenaw. (Photo © 2008 Michael Shupe. Reprinted with permission.)

Shupe notes that both of these species should be common at Swedetown Creek as well.*

See more of Michael Shupe's photos of birds and other wildlife on his Web site. You can also see prints of his work in his Gallery at 514 Shelden Avenue in Houghton.

*See our May 26, 2008, updated article, "Migrating birds snack at Swedetown Creek."


Anonymous said...

Can I find out how to get on the local birding list-serv?

mjsphoto said...

Send an email to asking to subscribe. The list owner will set you up as your email will go directly to him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, will do!