Monday, November 29, 2010

Paintings by Constance Stockwell Johnson at Reflection Gallery Dec. 1 to Jan. 6

HANCOCK -- The Finlandia University Reflection Gallery will host an exhibit of paintings by Constance Stockwell Johnson Dec. 1, 2010, to Jan. 6, 2011. An opening reception will take place at the gallery from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 2.

Painting by Constance Stockwell Johnson. (Image courtesy Finlandia University)

Johnson’s exhibition features abstract pairs of figures in dreamlike environments that represent human connectedness and address issues of wholeness and healing for our society. She uses watercolor, ink, and acrylic with bold shading techniques, complemented by a diverse color palette. Her vivid brushstrokes and style variety will intrigue any viewer and spark the imagination.

"Some of the art in this show is about what we can offer when we choose a connection with the Earth rather than a societal focus on corporate globalization, consumerism, and exploitation," Johnson says, "while other works bear a more quiet relationship to these ideas."

Johnson’s collection winds many themes together. She says she is inspired by the space around her. Its influence weaves its way into her work, and her pieces depict reflective and contemplative spaces. Throughout her life, Johnson says, her connection to her surroundings has been a constant source of fascination and reverence; in her art she senses her own connection to the Earth.

As a painter, Johnson wants to portray the hope that people can act together to sustain, vitalize, and joyously celebrate our shared humanity. She hopes that her art provides viewers with the opportunity to honor their senses of place and to walk among their brothers and sisters on this planet.

Johnson, a 14-year resident of the Copper Country, has shown her work at many area galleries. She has also worked as a scene painter at the Calumet Theatre and instructed in the Art for Elders program.

The Reflection Gallery is on the second level of Finlandia’s Jutila Center campus. For information, contact Yueh-mei Cheng at 906-487-7375 or email

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