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Carol Rose offers Ramblin' Rose Art Center, Studio for sale

Carol Rose, Keweenaw Krayons interim director, transformed this property in Mohawk, Mich., into the Ramblin' Rose Art Center and studio. Now planning to retire, Rose is offering both house and studio for sale. Click on photo for larger version. (See ad in right-hand column.) (Photo courtesy Carol Rose)

By Carol Rose

MOHAWK -- It will be 14 years on the 16th of December, 2010, that I moved to the Keweenaw. I walked into my rental house and saw the Christmas tree my daughter-in-law, Sue, had put in the kitchen -- decorated by her and my three grandkids -- then 5, 5 and 6 years of age -- yes, there are twins.

I was in process of divorce -- the end of a 36-year marriage. I chose the Keweenaw and my Keweenaw family of Tom, Sue, Steph, Mike and Steve to be the place to begin again -- start over afresh -- but I didn’t know what "afresh" meant.

I hoped to be able to curl up and heal -- God had other plans! Heal I did. Curling up was not even a small part of that process.

A few months after I moved into the rental, the divorce now final, I found myself looking for property to purchase. I knew I wanted to be close to my Mohawk family. I looked at a few different places and made an offer on what is now the Ramblin' Rose Art Center. I will be writing a book (really and truly) on this process so won’t go into detail here, but this is where it all began -- "it"??? Well Keweenaw Krayons of course. The non-profit love of my life!

In 2005, Keweenaw Krayons Graphic Arts and Marketing teens, from left, Stephanie Fouts, Andrea Laurie and Ashley Bracco, work with Carol Rose in designing flyers for Keweenaw Krayons' Mardi Gras Dinner, an annual event. (Keweenaw Now file photo)*

O.K. fast forward. Keweenaw Krayons is now located in the old Mohawk School -- sharing the building with Horizons Alternative High School. Because of a wonderful Strong Organization/Strong Youth (SOSY) Award, Keweenaw Krayons is on quite firm footing. Firm enough for me to be able to leave. While it does not yet have an executive director, it does have a strong volunteer base, very active Board of Directors and Executive Committee of that Board.

I have an apartment waiting for me in Grand Marais, Michigan; but in order to go there full-time (it’s been waiting for two years) I need to sell this wonderful, holy, magical, fun corner -- the corner where Keweenaw Krayons began some 13 years ago.

I am 68 years of age, and it is time to move on to yet another part of my life. There are words in my soul calling to be put on paper; photographs waiting to be edited; skiis, snowshoes, kayaks, and canoes are calling my name.

Keweenaw Krayons remains special in my heart and because of the SOSY award, I will be able to serve as Consultant and Historian -- working from afar. Life is good!

I put the house and shop on the market a couple years ago -- but not very seriously. It feels now like I was trying out the "retirement waters." And then a few months ago I became quite serious but still did not give the marketing process enough energy. My original price was $40,000 each for either the shop or the house or $54,000 for both, and I posted a few flyers here and there. Now I have an ad on this wonderful website and I’m ready to do a real blitz with many flyers. And I’ve LOWERED THE PRICE! New price -- only $45,000 for both! I’m offering an automatic $500 off that price if the sale closes before the end of 2010! Even in this economy, that is a really good deal!

I will consider options such as land contract, rent to own or just rent!

Anyone interested in pursing this opportunity is invited to email me at or call me at 906-369-4314.

*Editor's Note: Read more about Carol Rose, her plan to retire at her birthday celebration in 2004 and the history of Keweenaw Krayons. See the February 2005 article, "Keweenaw Krayons former director retires -- but not!" by Jonathan Soper.

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