Monday, December 20, 2010

From Mining Journal: Professors, knowledge and the politics of mining

[Editor's Note: Here is an excerpt and a link to the Dec. 19, 2010, opinion from Jon Saari, retired Northern Michigan University (NMU) professor, published in the Marquette Mining Journal.]

By Jon Saari

MARQUETTE -- ...In recent years, the mining controversy in our region has drawn NMU faculty into its vortex. At least five faculty members (three retired, including this writer) have been active opponents of the Eagle Project on the Yellow Dog Plains, while a number of others have seen it as an opportunity for professional research, even collaboration with a new multinational mining corporation.

Such diverse reactions are to be expected in an academic subculture of free thinkers and professional entrepreneurs.

But one recent collaboration between two NMU faculty members and Kennecott Eagle Mineral Company has a number of observers raising their eyebrows.... Read more on the Marquette Mining Journal.

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